Building Chicken House

Several things must be considered when building a chicken house such as size, location, the elements it will be facing, number of chickens, etc.  

One thing that is crucial to the development of your chicken house is the placement of your chicken feeders and the water supply to your chickens.  Size is also very important.  The chickens need to be able to move about the house without problem and be able to feed and get water with ease.building-chicken-house

Another thing that you must look at when building your chicken house is the amount of light entering into the house.  You want to make sure that your animals are getting enough light source inside the coop, and that there is a fresh air source coming through the coop as well.

Sometimes, people think poking a few holes into the sides of the chicken coop will be suitable for ventiliation.  But, this is wrong.  The best way to ventilate the chicken house is to have ventilation shafts on the east or south sides of the house to help create proper air flor.  Also, drilling large holes on the north and south sides where the walls meet the roof can justly do the same thing.  This not only keeps the flow of air fresh and keeps the toxic fumes flowing out, but by placing the shafts on the east orsouth-facing sides, the chickens are also protected from cold drafts.  Just as people do not like stuffy houses, chickens do like stuffy coops!  Ventilation is key to healthy and happy chickens.