Chicken Coop House

When it comes to the building and maintenance of a chicken coop, there are many different ways people go about doing this. 

A chicken coop can be said to be just an open field or an enclosed area where the chickens may be kept.  Or, a chicken coop is a house that is built primarily to house your chickens.

Once you are ready to build, or purchase a chicken coop house for your chickens, there are wholesale companies that offer premade chicken coop houses and/or the materials necessary for building one yourself.    If you are building a chicken coop house for yourself, there are some things you want to take into consideration when building. 

For one, make sure you consider the number in your flock.  If you have a fairly small number of chickens to plan for, consider portable chicken coop houses.  This can be perfect for keeping your lawn from getting trampled down and for the chickens to have access to new grass and bugs as you move the coop.  Additionally, the chicken droppings provide an excellent fertilizer for your grass. 

Another thing to consider is the materials needed to build your chicken coop house.  Recycled wood, old barrels, tarp, scrab lumber, etc are excellent options.  Just about anything is suitable as long as it is durable.

Consider, also, the feeders and waterers you use.  You can purchase these from just about any farm store.  But, consider making your own!  A 5-gallon bucket with a large pan underneath will work just fine as both a feeder and waterer. 

Remember that ventilation is very important within your chicken coop house.  Consider the climate you are in when deciding on how to place the ventilation shafts or openings of the house.

You also want the coop to be predator proof.  If your chicken coop house is mostly made of wire fencing or another kind of fencing, make sure to embed the wire about a foot into the ground to prevent a predator from being able to dig inside.