Chicken Hen Houses

There are many different kinds of hen houses out there to choose from when you start thinking about building a hen house for your chickens.  The number one reason that people get the idea of building a hen house is they are tired of the chickens’ droppings being all over the yard.chicken-hen-house

If you are new to building a hen house, the first thing you need to do is count the number of chickens you are building for.  You need to do this because you do not want the hen house to be too big or too small.  Saving money and being efficient with your time is very important in any project.

Another thing you need to look at is the ratio of how many hens to roosters you have in order to make sure you have room for chicks.  Another important thing to remember is chickens like to be off of the ground at night.   So, in the chicken house,  you may want to run 2×4′s or something equivalent through the chicken hen house to give them somewhere elevated to sleep and be off the ground at night.  When nightfall arrives,  if you do this, the hens will most likely make their roosts up on the elevated platforms where they sleep.