Chicken House Floor

When people think about building a chicken house, they normally think about the project as a whole and not just one part at a time.chicken-house-floor

However, it is important to tackle one part at a time so you can focus all your time on that one part and make sure no errors will be made.   This can help in making  the entire project of higher quality.  One thing you always need to focus on when building a chicken house is the floor.  This part of the chicken house is where most of the wear and tear of the structure will take place.

When building the chicken house floor, you always need to make sure you use a sturdy material.  The material can be wood or any material you choose to build your chicken house with. 

The floor is made with either posts running out into the ground or on the ground entirely.  Most people use the posts so they can build a walk-way for the chickens up into the chicken coop.  This also keeps the house elevated off the ground.  If you choose to make your chicken coop elevated off the ground, then you must use posts to keep the chicken house floor elevated.

You can find all the materials you should need at your local hardware stores or your local lumber company.  So in retrospect,  just make sure that you get materials that you know are going to hold up in the climate within which you live, because you do not want to have to rebuild this again.