Chicken Poultry House

Chicken poultry houses are primarily used for housing birds considered meat chickens.   Some people raise a variety of different chickens ranging from ones used for their eggs and ones for the meat.  Some people, on the other hand, raise one of the two.  The chicken poultry houses are usually built and constructed the exact same way as the other homes are built.chicken-poultry-house

You have to take into consideration all the things you would for a normal chicken house. You must make sure that predators cannot get in and kill your chickens.  You have to make sure that the area is almost always clean and dry.  Also, always make sure that the area is disinfected so that disease will not be in your chicken poultry house.

The most used chicken for meat is the older roosters.  These birds are usually bigger in size and widely used for their meat.  The hens are used to lay eggs and many people use the hens’ eggs to sell, as well.  It is common to have only one rooster per about twelve hens.  Like said above, however, you have to take the same considerations into mind when building a chicken poultry house just as you would a regular chicken home.  So, consider the room you need to provide for the amount of roosters you plan to have.

Another thing you have to look into when building the home is if the chicken poultry house is rigged enough and sturdy enough to hold up to the harsh conditions of the environment.  You have to make sure if a rough storm comes your way that your chickens, and roosters have a safe home to retreat to and be fully protected.