Small Chicken House

There are many different sizes and variations of chicken houses.  Most people have anywhere from 12 to 26 chickens in their flocks, so they usually need to build a big chicken house to provide them with adequate room.  But, on some occasions, people just have a few chickens or hens and just need to build a small chicken house.small-chicken-house

If you are in need of a small chicken house, then you do not have much work to do at all.  Let us say you only have 6 birds to house.   If this is the case, you will only need two elevated platforms to house your roosting area.  Also, you will not have to do much work to keep predators out.  And, there will be plenty of space for your chickens.

Another good thing about building a small chicken house is that you dont have to spend a lot of money on the house. You can build something fairly quickly that will be strong and sturdy to hold up against weather and also cheap enough to prevent too large of an investment.  Although you have a small amount of chickens to look after, you also have to make sure your chicken house or chicken coop is just as sturdy and durable as one built for a large flock.

You can also go online and look for companies that may sell small chicken houses.  You can compare the company prices to your budget and see if purchasing an already made chicken house would be more cost-efficient than building your own.  If the already made small chicken house is in your budget, then do a little research to make sure it is a quality home.  If so, purchase that to save yourself valuable time and effort.